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Omanu Preschool

Welcome to Omanu Preschool

Omanu preschool philosophy


Relationships, the Heart of all we do

Here at Omanu Preschool, relationships are the heart of all that we do. We know that loving, nurturing, relationships provide the anchor from which each child can feel safe to explore, discover and learn. When children experience a positive learning environment with passionate, welcoming teachers they have the opportunity to discover the sense of wonder and joy which learning brings! We are committed to providing a safe, secure, learning environment- a home away from home, which invites your child and your family into our learning community.  

Learning through Play and the Environment as the Third teacher

Play lays the building blocks for all future learning- we value a learning environment in which play is honoured and celebrated. Our environment is beautiful, intentional and engaging, a place in which children feel empowered to be themselves. It is a special space where children create memories with their friends, teachers and families as they learn and make discoveries together; inspiring a lifelong love of learning in every child.   

Children as Active Learners

Our teaching team is passionate about celebrating each and every child within our community. We take a holistic and inclusive view of our learners as strong, capable and resilient, with the belief that every child is gifted with unique strengths, interests and learning dispositions. We build on these gifts and empower each child to develop a view of themselves as active learners- we encourage children to question, take risks and problem solve, setting and achieving their own learning goals as they begin to wonder and develop theories about the world around them.  

Partnerships with Families and Whānau and the Wider Learning Community

Selecting an early childhood provider is a big step for any family! We understand the trust that families place in us, and celebrate the unique position that we have in supporting the hopes and aspirations that they have for their child. Parents and Whānau are the experts when it comes to their child and we respect them as such. We promote open, reciprocal whanaungatanga relationships, dedicated to supporting each child’s learning journey. We also strive to support children to develop connecting links within the wider learning community, with regular opportunities to connect with the local people, resources and environment, and with materials drawn from nature. We understand that in order for children to make the most of their world they must first form an attachment with the earth and an understanding of their place within it.  

Commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi

We have a strong commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi; weaving the principles of Partnership, Protection and Participation into all areas of our practice as we strive to honour the unique position of Māori as Tangata Whenua in Aotearoa. Our goal is to provide each ākonga (learner) within our community with a strong sense of Mana Whenua- belonging; taking pride, and confidence within their own unique cultural heritage.  

Our Kaiako

We value our teachers as our most valuable resource. Our teachers are passionate, inspired, highly experienced Kaiako; they bring with them their own strengths and passions which we value, encouraging them to share these talents with our community of learners. As teachers we are committed to a lifelong journey of learning, we draw from the national early childhood curriculum Te Whāriki and up-to-date pedagogical research in order to inform and guide our practice. Our teachers work in close partnership, striving together towards a shared vision: Supporting children to discover the joy and wonder of learning through relationships, play and exploration.